Quality Control Repinho

In order to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market and to ensure the requirements of its various certifications, Repinho has an elaborate quality control system.


From the receipt of raw materials and the purchase of inputs, until the final stages of industrialization and commercialization, all steps are monitored and recorded, so that you can track and efficiently remedy any anomalies in the process. Thus the Repinho guarantees its customers are sure to purchase only products that comply with certain conformity.


In parallel, the search Repinho still constantly improving its processes and train their employees, thus maintaining the standard of quality of products and processes.




Repinho Certifications


Learn more about the certifications that Repinho has:



Have mandatory labeling for certain products can circulate in the European Economic Area, ensures that the product has been evaluated before being placed on the market and meets EU legislation on issues such as safety, hygiene and environmental protection.


Declares that the panels with this mark are suitable for use in construction in most European countries, ensuring the bonding durability, low formaldehyde gas emissions and resistance to deterioration.


Already the offset marking can be used also in most European countries, as structural elements in construction. Its main attributes are structural performance, bonding durability, low emissions of formaldehyde gas, strict requirements as to the size and strength of the raw material.


The quality certificates offset  are approved for use in Germany in construction, being weather resistant and weatherproof, for meeting the strict requirements regarding its durability glue, and they present low emission of formaldehyde gas.


This standard covers the clad graduation species wood, adhesives, building panels, dimensions and tolerances, humidity and amount of wood packaging plywood for structural and industrial construction use according to American standards.


Certification  – Forest Stewardship Council (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of forests around the world. The company has Repinho certificate  - (COC) qwhich aims, trace the path made from the extracted raw wood from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing in the production process. Political  Commitment Repinho . More informations: http://info.fsc.org/