Social Responsibility Repinho

The Repinho believes, maintains and supports various social programs in

Guarapuava, geared especially to the community surrounding the company.

This is because the Repinho believes in the development of society through the private sector.

Social Repinho Projects

The projects that Repinho maintains supports:
Centro Municipal de Educação Infantil - Repinho
In partnership with the company Repinho o Centro Municipal de Educação Infantil – CMEI – Repinho, through the secretary Municipal de Educação e Cultura, serves 360 children from 4 to 5 years old.
To be enrolled the child must be 4 years old by 31 March of the current year.
The learning objectives are organized into five fields of experience:
The self, the other and the we, body, gestures and movements;
Traces, sounds, colors and shapes;
Listening, speaking, thinking, imagination;
Space, time quantity;
Relationship and transformation.
These fields constitute a curricular arrangement that welcomes the concrete situations and experiences of the daily life of children and their knowledge, intertwining them with the knowledge that is part of the cultural heritage.
This is a way of strengthening Early Childhood Education with its specificity in educational work, not to be confused with anticipatory and preparatory practices, which contribute little to the child's educational process.
Centro de Referência da Assistência Social | CRAS-Arlindo Antonelli
It is the gateway to social assistance. It is a public place, located primarily in areas of greater social vulnerability, where social assistance services are offered, with the aim of strengthening coexistence with the family and the community.


Families in situations of vulnerability and social risk; Beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program; Disabled people; Seniors; pregnant women and others who need it.


  • Socio-educational meetings;
  • Assistance with families and individuals;
  • Offers socio-educational workshops for children and adolescents (6 to 17 years old) and adults; Promotes community actions;
  • Provides workshops for families in monitoring - PAIF (Comprehensive Family Care Program), Pregnant Women and the Elderly;
  • Visit / active search and family accompaniment;
  • Guidelines for access to civil documentation: Birth Certificate, RG, CPF, among others.
  • Eventual benefits, assessed by a Social Worker;
  • Single Registration for access to benefits: Bolsa Família, Maternity Assistance, Children's Milk Program, Social Rate for Light and Water, Interstate Card for the Elderly, Exemption from competitions, INSS contribution for housewives, CMEI, among others.
  • Mobilization campaigns and referral to the social assistance network.


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